[Dixielandjazz] stackolee/stagger lee

Jazzjerry at aol.com Jazzjerry at aol.com
Mon Dec 8 17:25:54 PST 2003

Hi Rae Ann,

A friend of mine did a well researched presentation at our Record Society a 
couple of months ago about 'Stackolee / Stagger Lee' and the real history 
behind the story which is based on fact. He has produced an article which is due to 
be published in our quarterly magazine shortly. I will get hold of the editor 
and see if I can get a copy of the article which I can send you. It might 
take a day or so but from what I can remember there are a number of very 
interesting bits of information about the song or songs (there are more than one tune 
as you will have realised) but it would seem to be another of these 
traditional folk songs which have been 'dressed up' and copyrighted by various people 
after earning a fast buck. 



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