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Rae Ann and DJML--
    I usually enclose a name or phrase in double quotes and get Google to find it.  In this case, typing "Stagger Lee Blues" (WITH the double-quotes) resulted in only 24 hits, while "Stagger Lee" found 19,200 hits.
    On the latter list, there's a website at:
which discusses someone collecting songs with this title; he's got about 24 of them so far.
    "Stackolee Blues", on the other hand results in only 8 hits and the question from Google, "Did you mean: 'Stackalee Blues'"?, on which you can also click to see more hits for that spelling.
    The upshot: you get far more information than you want or need.  You can limit the number of hits by appending +dixieland to your search-criteria, and Google will only return you those pages where the word 'dixieland' is in some kind of close proximity (i don't know how close).
    Hope that helps. 

>From: RAHBerry at aol.com
>Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 15:09:13 EST
>Can someone please tell me who made the first (or an early) record of
>Stackolee Blues (or Stagger Lee Blues)?  I've known this title, but not the tune.  I heard it played yesterday and liked it a lot.
>My searches so far have turned up versions by the Greatful Dead, Jerry Lee
>Lewis, Taj Mahal, and Mississippi John Hurt.  Somehow, I think there must have
>been earlier versions.  Any help out there?
>I'd love to hear the best way to do a search like this on the internet.
>Rae Ann

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