[Dixielandjazz] Thread: Ringwald & Shearing; Interesting CDs

Norman Vickers nvickers1 at cox.net
Mon Dec 8 08:29:41 PST 2003

Agree with Jim Kashishian-- the Jazz Alliance CDs ( essentially edited
versions of Marian McPartland's National Public Radio (NPR)show ( or MRI- I
can never keep those two -NPR vs MRI- straight but Don Mopsick has done a
great effort in the past to clarify these points) are interesting and
instructive.  They're produced by Concord Records and sold at a slightly
lower price than their Concord counterparts.  Our local jazz society has a
project with the public library here to supply jazz CD, books and videos for
their collection.  The Jazz Society gets to select the materials and the
Jazz Society's contribution is matched by the library.  The collection is
currently valued at $9,000.  The Jazz Alliance CDs are included in this
selection.  It's spooky fun to have dead people-- Bill Evans, Dizzy, etc.--
talking to me!
>>From: "James Kashishian" <kash at ran.es>
>Another CD with interesting pianos is Marion McPartland & Dizzy
>Gillespie on Jazz Alliance TJA12005.  Jazz Alliance, Inc. is at P.O. Box
>515,  Concord CA 94522.  This recording, while quite short, is still
>marvellous.  Marian has a conversation, both vocal & musical with Dizzy
>(from a National Public Radio program in 1985).  Ya gotta hear Dizzy on

Norman Vickers

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