[Dixielandjazz] pianists

James Kashishian kash at ran.es
Sun Dec 7 13:53:22 PST 2003

Bob Ringwald mentioned having met & talked with George Shearing.  If
anyone is interested in having an album of some beautiful solo piano, go
out & buy George Shearing....Favorite Things, on Telarc CD83398.  There
is even a vocal by Mr. Shearing.  His Angel Eyes is "a lesson in the use
of  resonance".  (Buy it & listen to it, and you'll know what I mean!)
This was recorded in 1996.  

While Telarc go to the trouble of mentioning right up to the speakers
they used to monitor the recording sessions (plus, it's 20 bits, never
been passed through a compressor,  etc.,  my copy (which I returned &
got another exactly as bad for my troubles!), is full of pops &
crackles.  I even wrote to Telarc as I thought they would be interested
that they had run off a bad batch for Europe most likely, but never
heard anything back from them.  So, don't take much notice of all their
"technical Information" on the liner notes.  The piano playing IS
beautiful, though.

Another CD with interesting pianos is Marion McPartland & Dizzy
Gillespie on Jazz Alliance TJA12005.  Jazz Alliance, Inc. is at P.O. Box
515,  Concord CA 94522.  This recording, while quite short, is still
marvellous.  Marian has a conversation, both vocal & musical with Dizzy
(from a National Public Radio program in 1985).  Ya gotta hear Dizzy on

Oh, and I believe a listen to Bob, himself, is worth the trouble!   :>


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