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Sat Dec 6 07:01:17 PST 2003

Hi David and all,

I wrote:

>>Here's a blues lyric I heard once from an upwardly mobile young business 
>>Well I woke up this morning and saw that both cars were gone.
>>Yes, I woke up this morning and saw that both cars were gone.
>>I felt so frustrated  I threw my martini across the lawn!
>>Is that heavy or what!

And you wrote:

>Actually, I think the credit on that one has to go to Martin Mull (And His 
>Fabulous Furniture) - those lyrics (slightly different last line but the 
>same joke) were part of the "Ukelele Blues" that he recorded in 1973.
>Not only an writer, comedian, actor and musician - he also paints some very 
>interesting  oil paintings! I met him at a book signing a long time ago and 
>asked which of his talents was most important to him, as I recall he said 
>the painting was most satisfying...

As a matter of fact, I just sent a private message off to Tom Wiggins 
explaining that I had heard it (the blues parody) done by Martin Mull.  I 
didn't remember the exact lyrics but I did remember the joke and that's what 
I wrote. As I recall, Mull did it with a "bottle neck" guitar joke wherein 
he used his old baby bottle and a ukulele.

The Martin Mull joke was, I think, done on a funny television show he did 
called "(something) Tonight" - a sort of talk show from some small 
midwestern town that was a parody of talk shows and it made me really laugh. 
  I deemed it a work of genius.

Do you know what the show was actually called and do you know if it's 
available on DVD?


Bill "Mull's the man!" Gunter
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