[Dixielandjazz] OT AARP - No longer an acronym

Stan Brager sbrager at socal.rr.com
Fri Dec 5 17:29:57 PST 2003

I guess I'll have to stop lurking and render an informed (my opinion)

Nancy is correct that and acronym is a word formed from the INITIAL letters
of a short phase. Examples of acronyms: DJML are the initial letters of the
"Dixieland Jazz Mail List", mpg are the initial letters of "miles per

An abbreviation, on the other hand, is a shortened (or simplified) way a
indicating a word. Therefore, "tp" is an abbreviation of the word "trumpet",
"mi" is an abbreviation of mile, and so on.

Oddly, the term "etc." is both an acronym and an abbreviation.

Stan Brager
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> According to the OED, an acronym is simply a word (pronounceable or not)
> formed from the initial letters of other words. So AARP (pronounces
"arpa"), ODJB,
> NORK, OMF, OKOM, ATRG, LABS, BWDGBF, CRK, DJML and so on ad infinitum, are
> all acronyms.
> Arn
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> That's very clever, Nancy, but I wouldn't brush off Bill's serious
> question quite so lightly. If it's pronouncable, i.e., if it's a "word,"
> it's an acronym. If not, it's an abbreviation.

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