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So, archetypal blue(s)grass lyric:

Oh Lord Jesus, my mama died today.
Oh sweet Lord Jesus, my mama died today
And now my baby's gone and left me, says she never loved me anyway.

I feel so lonesome, now my baby's gone
Yes, feel so lonesome now my baby's gone,
Seem the good Lord done forsake me,and I'm a long ways from my home.

Doe the blues-singer's tombstone really read: "Didn't wake up this mornin'"?

Mike D.

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>On another list I belong to one of the current discussions concerns the
>content of bluegrass lyrics.  Most of the contributors seem to agree that
>topically the subjects stay close to death, Mother, Jesus, and 
>love.  Sentiments of alienation from home, God, a loved one etc. are 
>Sounds a lot like the blues to me.
>John Farrell
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