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Fri Dec 5 16:32:09 PST 2003

RE: Fats Domino Show.

He did not lose any money on that deal, however you don't realize that the 
musicians have all been with him at least forty years, (fifty now) and many of 
them were on the tour working off loans outstanding from Fats as well.

He has basically taken care of these guys for fifty years on and off the 
road.  And after All Fats Domino is the Star, and the name they are paying to see, 
not the sidemen who are just greatful to have  had a steady job for fifty 
years.   He also was not doing any payroll deductions either, and he paid for the 
travel expenses, often with a 40.00 per day meal allowance as well, which 
they guys pocketed or spent on booze, and ate at MC Donalds or in their rooms 
anyway.   It was quite a New Orleans Circus on the road I assure you.

Now Johnny Otis was even better, he paid his sidemen $450.00 a week and took 
out taxes.  No per diem either.

For most New Orleans Musicians  $3,000.00 a month was a lot of money 
especially in 1990, for one ninety minute show per day or two one hour shows per day 
six days a week, plus Five Star hotel accomodations and ground transportation, 
meals or per diem.

That's why Saint Gabriel's does not work in New Orleans, we follow the money 
that allows us to live in Sunny Califrornia most of the year.

Tom Wiggins

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