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Fri Dec 5 10:56:15 PST 2003

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> There was a good parallel in the world of visual art last
> year, when the City of Birmingham (the English one)             >
sponsored an exhibition consisting of empty frames.

MANY years ago, a totally black oil "painting" was the talk of a World's
Fair.  As we walked by it, someone was delivering a disquisition to a small
group, pointing out "...the depth, the nuance, the ..." etc. of the
painting.  We paused for a second and I remarked to my wife, loudly enough
to be heard by the group, "What a terrible waste of canvas that could have
been used to make an army cot!"

Usually, you think of what you should have said an hour later.  This time,
the words came right on cue.

Bill Horton

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