[Dixielandjazz] Celebrities/Greenspan et al

Fred Spencer drjz at bealenet.com
Wed Dec 3 14:40:11 PST 2003

Jack Tracy replied to Bill Haesler's suggestion that Alan Greenspan played in Woody Herman's band by saying that this was probably Greenspan's sax mate in the Henry Jerome band, Leonard Garment, pointing out that no mention of Greenspan is made in Clancy's book, "Woody Herman.Chronicles of the Herd". However, Garment is also ignored by Clancy. 
Woody Herman is unusual in that he had three biographical books published within five years - his autobiography, "The Woodchopper's Ball" in 1990, Clancy's in 1995, and Gene Lees' "Leader of the Band" also in 1995. Garment is mentioned in the autobiography as an attorney who acted for Woody in the eviction fiasco of 1987 - no Greenspan. Lees devotes a page to Garment's time with the band, noting Greenspan only as a member of the Jerome band. Garment, in his autobiography, tells a similar story to Lees. The logical conclusion is that Greenspan did not play with Herman. 
Leonard Garment has a further claim to fame  In his autobiography, "Crazy Rhythm", he relates how he substituted in Bill Stegmeyer's Chicago Jazz Band when it backed Billie Holiday in New York's "Famous Door",

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