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Thank you for the comment re Greenspan and Woody Herman.
This came up some years ago (not sure if it was DJML or not) and I recall
finding a reference to Greenspan doing a short tour with Woody in about
I am almost certain that I also found his name in an early discography of
Herman about that time (1946) for a record date (or broadcast?) in KC or
somewhere out that way.
I was certain enough about this to have bet on it, but my researches last
week did not turn any of this up, so I thought I must be losing it, or
Kind regards,

Bill: I think you'l find that you were thinking of Leonard Garment, the 
attorney who was a counselor to Richard Nixon and who DID play briefly with Woody's 
band. No mention was made of Greenspan in Bill Clancy's bio of Woody, which 
contains exhaustive research on who played with the band and when.

Jack Tracy

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