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You beat EVERYBODY!  You're the grand prize winner for this week.  I'll send
you your prize as soon as I can think of one.

Bill B.

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> I've got an LP called "Gin Bottle Jazz" (Riverside RLP12-231) by Carl
> Halen's Gin Bottle Seven (Carl, tpt & corn; George Stell, tbn; Martin
> Kollstedt, clar; Fed Gary, pno; Jan Carroll, bnj; Johnnie Pollock, tub;
> Tom Hyer; drums), recorded in 1954. Songs are Four or Five Times,
> Aggravatin' Mama, Shake That Thing, Nagasaki, Angry, Apex Blues,
> Eccentric Rag, Wolverine Blues, Pallet on the Floor, Dallas Blues, Oh
> Baby, Milneberg Joys. According to the label, cuts 1-4 and 7-10 were
> previously released on a 10" LP on the Empirical label.
> Did I beat Haesler?!?!
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> On Mon, 1 Dec 2003 21:56:59 -0700 "Bill Biffle" <bbiffle at swcp.com>
> writes:
> > A friend of mine from Cincy - a consummate musician, barbershop
> > harmony guru, trombone player, etc. - sent me a bit about Carl
> > Halen's Gin Bottle Seven.  Says he first heard and saw them in the
> > late 40s at Miami University in the Student union building.
> > Evidently, Mr. Halen was a member of Gene Mayl's Dixieland Rhythm
> > Kings, a youthful band that emerged from Ohio in the mod-40s and
> > made quite a national name for itself.
> >
> > After serving in the Korean war, Carl formed the Gin Bottle Seven
> > and developed a good following in the Cincinnati area.  In addition
> > to Halen, who played tpt, there was banjo/vocalist Jan Carroll, Tom
> > Hyer on drums, Bob Butters on trombone, and Jim Campbell who played
> > bass saxophone as a substitute for tuba.   Apparently Martin
> > Kollstedt played clarinet and Matt Fuchs was the piano player.
> >
> > Who knows these guys?  Any of them on the list?  Any recordings
> > extant?
> >
> > Thanks for reading and responding.
> >
> > Bill Biffle
> > Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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