[Dixielandjazz] On the absence of melody

Ed Danielson mcvouty78 at hotmail.com
Mon Dec 1 16:26:53 PST 2003

I've noticed the absence of melody in contemporary music just as many other 
people have.  I think it's a time thing:  Contemporary life is so fast 
paced, it seems nobody has time for a full melody any more.  When was the 
last time you heard someone walking down the street whistling a tune in its 
entirety?  Musicians and their listeners these days seem to think the whole 
notion of a structured melody is passé and a waste of time.  If (as has been 
suggested by another poster) the rhythm can be compared to sex and the 
melody to romance, to which do people respond more enthusiastically -- 
especially if pressed for time?

>It's not just rap that is rhythm based, rather than melody based.  It
>is, in general, all the music that is "happening" now... It is
>all......save for the odd ballad......rhythm based...  It's not all bad, by
>the way.....but, there is very little melody involved...
>It's just the world we are living in now, and the odd melody, the odd
>smile, the odd bit of pleasantness must be enjoyed to its fullest.  No
>sense in sweating about the rest.

"You might as well fall flat on your face as lean over too far backward."
-- James Thurber

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