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What Snogpitch said is true and a lot of the recordings from the series
ended up with heavy radio airplay, especially cuts by Nirvana and 10,000
Maniacs (Natalie Merchant).  I find most pop music to just be way over
produced i.e. too many special effects.  Underneath all the synthesized BS,
tricks and gimmicks, there's quite often a musical group with some talent.
The Unplugged series illustrated that and listeners responded.  Too bad it
was so short lived.  Pop today is even more over produced than it was in the
early and mid 90's.

All the best,
Rob McCallum

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> MTV, that's Music Television, used to air a series of programs called
> Unplugged which was exactly that.  Rock artists playing their music
> without electrification.  At least as much that could be done given the
> medium recording it.
> The only one that stuck out in my mind, and did become very popular was
> Layla, as performed by Eric Clapton.  I enjoyed the song before I had a
> chance to even realize what was being sung.  It brought that song to a
> whole new light, for me.  I actually prefer the newer version to the
> old, even tho by most rockers the old one is a classic!
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> Many of them play entire concerts "Unplugged"  which is acoustic, and
> still
> sell out major arenas.
> Got to change that radio dial once in a while folks to keep up with
> what's
> happening in the world of music.  Trust me there has been a lot of good
> music
> written and recorded after 1935, try it you might find something you
> like
> besides Dixieland.
> There are many kinds of OKOM.
> Cheers
> Tom Wiggins
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