[Dixielandjazz] N. O. Rhytm -- second try

Butch Thompson butcht at sihope.com
Mon Aug 25 20:56:47 PDT 2003

Sorry about that last posting and its proflgate waste of  bandwidth --

As I was saying when I so rudely interrupted myself,   I think the rhythm
of New Orleans jazz -- at least in the old days  -- was really a combination
of two and four to the bar.  Jelly Roll Morton's Black Bottom Stomp, for
instance, features a bass player, John Lindsay, who knew exactly when to
break into four most effectively, and the rhythm really takes off when he
does.  Somehow that extremely obvious feature of that recording eluded me
when I a teenager. 

Much of the so-called revival period music I heard, both first-hand and on
record, was also in two.   Two examples:   The George Lewis band in its
early days c. 1950,  and the impeccable drumming of Cie Frazier.

Butch Thompson  

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