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Fri Aug 22 15:12:28 PDT 2003

Bob Lefsetz:       <A HREF="http://www.celebrityaccess.com/news/letter.html?id=130">http://www.celebrityaccess.com/news/letter.html?id=130</A>

Is an excellent well informed and researched and paid writer on the 
Entertainment scene, he is writing many of the things old dogs like Barbone and I have 
been trying to tell you for a couple of years about the music business.

For you serious players or wannbe serious players, I strongly suggest you go 
to his site and read many of his archive articles which I am certain you will 
find very informative and useful for you in advancing or building a career in 

OKOM is NOT Dead, and Never Will be they just keep moving it around the 
If you want to make a living in it you have to move with it and go where the 
Market and the Money is, or wait five lifetimes for it to come back to you 

The other side of the world is only an airplane away and the booze is free on 
International Flights, so how come their ain't no musicians playing on 

Bob's explanation on Ohio and Minnesota remind me a lot about The so called 
decline and death of OKOM, which in my opinion is a Myth perpetrated by those 
of us too lazy or creative to compete in the real World marketplace.  Dorothy 
left Kansas a long time ago, and most of the good players left New Orleans long 
ago as well for greener pastures and to follow the money.  But then again 
some folks have no interest in making money with music so they become something 
else and play music for fun on the side.

I have made a good living playing music for my livelihood and supported a 
great many other families in the process, but I am now starting to think about 
taking up Brain Surgery on my days off to defray the expenses of operating my 
big band.  :)


Tom Wiggins
Saint Gabriel's Celestial Brass Band

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