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Sat Aug 16 11:25:15 PDT 2003

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From: "tito martino"

> Try CDTrustee. It's really good with all that and more.
> http://www.base40.com/

Hi Tito,

Thanks for the link. This DB looks good for CDs but, as far as I could
tell, even the $80 "pro" version is not suitable for 78s - my main interest
given that I have more of them than CDs or for that matter, LPs. As it
seems you use this CDTrustee, how does it cope with early CDs from the mid
1980s ?

When the subject of databases/discographies came up back in February, Hans
Koert supplied a link to a database called "Brian 3" at
http://home.earthlink.net/~steveja7/Brian.htm  which looks more in keeping
with what I will need.  I haven't tried it yet for the simple reason of 'no
time' but when I can make some (time that is) maybe next year, I plan to
explore Brian 3 in greater depth and may well give it a whirl.


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