[Dixielandjazz] Uniting Dixieland - Was Gospel, Blues, Jazz in thatorder.

John Farrell stridepiano at tesco.net
Mon Aug 11 19:42:35 PDT 2003

Steve Barbone said :

"Well, we could. Just like Ken Burn's "Jazz" I can see it now, the day
after all segments of "OKOM" air. We would have hundreds of people

(snip to)
It is a great idea if only we could all get behind it and leave our personal
preferences out of it. Like considering the genre first, and not our own
biased views about it."

Pie in the sky Steve - jazz musicians are by their very nature subjective
individuals biased towards their favourite styles, musicians, instruments,
tunes etc.Some who are in the public eye (Marsalis & Co. for instance) try
to kid us that they embrace it all with spurious demonstrations of how
musically liberal they are, but if truth be told - t'ain't so. These guys
have to justify their jobs and funding, hence their insincere simplistic
preaching to the OKOM ignorant masses.

These false messiahs are individuals just like the rest of us with their own
opinions and leanings. The important difference is that I am free to express
mine without any fear of retribution, they are not.

John Farrell

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