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Stan Brager sbrager at socal.rr.com
Fri Aug 8 08:46:58 PDT 2003

This was posted on the trombone list and it may be of interest to all who
write music.

Stan Brager

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Subject: notation software and automated engraving -- an essay

> this is an interesting essay on automated engraving...
> http://lilypond.org/web/about/automated-engraving/
> i've been using lilypond for over a year to typeset things i need
> typesetting, and the output is amazing. the learning curve is a little
> steep to begin with, but once you've got into it, the things you can do
> with it are amazing...
> the downside of it is that it is a command line program that processes
> text files to create music. this is not everybody's cup of tea, but i
> can work a lot faster using the keyboard to enter music than pointing
> and clicking the music in a graphical interface.
> pros:
> - very good looking output in pdf and postscript with automatic layout
> - works on linux, windows and MacOS X
> - free.
> - midi output
> contras:
> - no graphical interface
> - command line program
> - steep learning curve to begin with.
> the support for the program is however exceptional -- there is a users
> mailing list where almost all questions are answered within a day. if
> you get stuck in a tight spot, or don't know how to start, anybody on
> the mailing list will help you. as the program is open source and under
> active development the developers are also happy about bug reports.
> if anybody is interested in lilypond, check out the website, and feel
> free to contact me off or on list.
> a fairly large archive of public domain scores created with lilypond can
> be found here:
> http://www.mutopiaproject.org/
> regards,
> simon.
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