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Folks growing older and more deaf?  There is a difference in where the
listening took place too.  The pizza parlors were restaurants with musical
entertainment.  It is a far different thing than an area set up just to
present a band.  I wonder if they would talk through a movie?

Ron L

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A tall "gentleman," also at the Big Tiny show, stood up, turned around and
yelled at all the ladies to shut up and listen or go away!  Mind you, we
were sitting far enough away from the band that we couldn't see their faces
nor hear the amplified patter. While it is true no one in my family has ever
been asked to speak up, we are rarely told to shut up!

I had a similar experience on Mother's day at the local monthly Jazz Sunday,
when my mother-in-law, 83, my wife, and her sister, came to hear us perform.
Sitting, again in the back of a fairly large hall, we were told to keep our
voices down, during another group's musical set.


Art Terry

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