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Bryan Livett livett at rogers.com
Wed Aug 6 23:31:13 PDT 2003

Hi Steve:  OKOM as we have defined it tends to happen on Saturday afternoons
in Toronto

Chick 'n' Deli, Mt. Pleasant just south of Eglinton, Climax Jazz Band
Saturdays 4 - 7pm
Grossman's Tavern, Spadina south of College, Happy Pals (N.O. style)
Saturdays 4 - 7pm
C'est What?, Church south of Front, Hot 5 Jazzmakers (listmate Brian Towers)
Sats 4-7pm
Healey's, Bathurst north of Adelaide, Jeff Healey's Jazz Wizards, Saturdays
4 - 6.30pm

Check the Jazz Club listings in the Toronto Star.  There is mucho jazz of
all styles in Toronto and area, usually 20some clubs which feature Jazz.
This is the Ontario Jazz Festival season with events happening all over the


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> List Mates:
> Here is my response to, and a fan letter from a young 20 something fan
> who has followed us for years. They brought a Canadian from Toronto to
> hear us at Sydney's in Rehoboth DE.
> Okay, you Toronto area guys, where can Paolo here some good OKOM up
> there? Let me know off list and I will forward the info to Susan and the
> Canadian Convert.
> Cheers,
> Steve
> Hi Susan:
> Thanks for your kind words. And for being a great fan of the band. We
> were surprised and delighted to see you at our favorite club.
> Good for Paolo. I have an e mail band leader buddy in Toronto and will
> ask him
> where Paolo might go to hear his band. Will forward the info shortly. Be
> sure to tell Paolo to make him self known to my pals up there.
> Enjoy the CD. We'll have another one out shortly. If you get a chance,
> come see us at West Grove PA. Horses, Carraiges, Dog Agility, Trade Fair
> Boutiques and a two hour concert by Barbone Street. (Which will be
> broadcast by WCOJ live) Sunday, Noon September 7. I'll put details on
> the web site soon.
> All of us in the band love you.
> Cheers,
> Steve
> Susan wrote:
> > Hi Steve:
> >
> > In case you couldn't tell, it was a joy to hear Barbone Street play at
> > Sydney's on Saturday night.  I couldn't believe my eyes when I checked
> > schedule, and found we were in the same geographic area on the same
> > I gave my husband and his friend visiting from Canada zero choice in the
> > matter.  We were going!!!!
> >
> > It's official: you have another fan from north of the border.  Paolo was
> > very impressed with the skill of the band and really enjoyed the music.
> > a matter of fact, for the first time, he is going to pursue checking out
> > local Toronto jazz venues.  You've made a convert to jazz, ain't that
> >
> > I've been listening to your CD in my car, and at my desk, over and over
> > since you gave it to me.  I was really touched to be gifted something I
> > really wanted to buy.  One way or another, I would have left the bar
> > one of your CDs!  The fact that it was a gift from the band that is the
> > one I have followed for years makes it more special to me.  The whole
> > experience of seeing you all through the years has been so much fun for
> > Every time I hear you, I tell myself "you've got to do this more often!"
> > The pace of life is just such, that doing what you want to do is not
> > possible.
> >
> > Then again, I must be making that statement to the wrong person!  You're
> > over kingdom come playing tons of venues.  The joy the band has when
> > really comes across to the audience.  Keep it up!
> >
> > Anyway, I wanted to let you know I'm loving the CD and to say thanks
> > Hope to see you all soon.
> >
> > Susan


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