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> Riverwalk on JAZZ.FM91 
> In these days when "steady" engagements are very few and far between Jim
> Cullum's story is nothing short of amazing. His dad was a clarinetist who
> played in the bands of Jack Teagarden and Jimmy Dorsey before settling down
> in San Antonio. As a teenager Jim played cornet in a band formed by his
> father in 1962. The following year they moved into a club called The
> Landing. 
> Here is the amazing part. He is still playing there! Six nights a week, all
> the year round except when they are on tour, Jim Cullum and his jazz band
> play at The Landing on San Antonio's Riverwalk. 
> They play music from the "Golden Age" of songwriting and for the past 14
> years have broadcast on public radio a weekly programme exploring the early
> greats of jazz, the culture and the characters. 

Just another one of my Loony marketing ideas guys, but has anybody on the 
list who has a great band and plays OKOM ever sat down with Jim coulomb and asked 
him how he set up his relationship with National Public Radio and what his 
arrangement is with THE LANDING to keep his style of music alive and well for so 
long and six nights a week?

If just one group in each market would duplicate this situation then we would 
no be having conversations about OKOM and Dixieland music dying all the time.

If Jim can do it so can you, I do not believe for a minute that San Antonio, 
Texas is the only place in America where Dixieland and OKOM is loved and 
respected enough to support a club six nights a week.

Perhaps if all the Jazz societies would look into how and why this situation 
continues successfully they could contribute more to the preservation and 
expansion of this music that you all love so much.

It is hard work folks but somebody has to do it, and obviously Jim Cullum is 
one of those who do it. what better example do you need, follow a leader.


Tom Wiggins

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