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Wed Aug 6 00:05:04 PDT 2003

I found the following info about Jim Cullum included on the Toronto, Canada
website: www.thewholenote.com/wholenote/index.html

Riverwalk on JAZZ.FM91 
In these days when "steady" engagements are very few and far between Jim
Cullum's story is nothing short of amazing. His dad was a clarinetist who
played in the bands of Jack Teagarden and Jimmy Dorsey before settling down
in San Antonio. As a teenager Jim played cornet in a band formed by his
father in 1962. The following year they moved into a club called The
Here is the amazing part. He is still playing there! Six nights a week, all
the year round except when they are on tour, Jim Cullum and his jazz band
play at The Landing on San Antonio's Riverwalk. 
They play music from the "Golden Age" of songwriting and for the past 14
years have broadcast on public radio a weekly programme exploring the early
greats of jazz, the culture and the characters. Each week, The Jim Cullum
Jazz Band focuses on the contribution of a particular composer or era in
jazz history using archival tapes and live performances with guest artists
joining the regular band - Lionel Hampton, Benny Carter, Sweets Edison,
Nicholas Payton, Doc Cheatham and Dick Hyman, to name only a few. 
Go back in time for an hour each week, with Riverwalk Jazz on Jazz FM91
every Sunday at 4:00pm or Wednesday at 9:00pm. 

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