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Hi Tom,

I agree that Dick Hyman is a brilliant player but I can't say that I find
fault with his style.  Like another great pianist, Paul Smith, Dick simply
doesn't have a style of his own with which to find fault.  Both of these
exceptional players can imitate about anyone on the planet but, to the best
of my knowledge and exposure to their works, they are little more than
exquisite clones of other people.  To paraphrase and old friend "They got
lots of talent but they just ain't got no soul!"

Dick Broadie
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In the concert's second half, a quintet played some of Goodman's much
more mature small-group recordings. This was the band with Teddy
Wilson, Lionel Hampton and Gene Krupa; their music smoked with voltage,
and few re-creations of it will do. A quintet — Allan Vaché on clarinet,
Dick Hyman on piano, Peter Appleyard on vibraphone, Sean Smith on bass
and Winard Harper on drums — gave a game try to tunes like "Seven Come
Eleven" and "The Man I Love." Mr. Hyman, the director of the concert
series, plays with impeccable time; even and precise, he gave the group
a subtle shove. Mr. Vaché got off some powerful high-register playing,
and Mr. Harper had the sense to made his own kind of ruckus without
ransacking Krupa's bag of tricks. But it was all merely amiable, where
the originals are giddy with power.

Yep:  Back to our original thoughts about  many of today's OKOM players:

No Fire in the Belly,  these guys are not having fun, they are being
Bring on the Beads and wiggely butts!  What ever it takes to make people
smile and have fun again.

DIck Hyman is a brilliant Technician, but his playing bores me to death, but
there are many who adore him and his style, it is just not for me.

Big Tiny Little on the other hand is still having fun and playing good time
happy music and it ain't all Dixieland either.   His country music is as
as anybody's and better than most except maybe Ray Charles who just happens
be my favorite Country Artist, ( He has real Soul).


Tom Wiggins
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