[Dixielandjazz] "Stardust" and keeping it light

John Farrell stridepiano at tesco.net
Mon Aug 4 20:27:45 PDT 2003

Charles Suhor said (re a Wiggins posting) :

" In grasping the moral high ground by implying that I'd run through
 "Stardust" without feeling and be unresponsive to requests, that I should
 hibernate in the living room, I'm a disgruntled has-been, etc., there's
 huge presumption, at best. Many of us bring offerings to the list in a
 spirit of both inquiry and fun, so it would be cool not to be drawn into
 combative responses."

Spot on,  Charles. When discussing the music which glues this list together
most of us  feel compelled to defend our various musical persuasions
vigorously if it comes under attack. Many times the "facts" in support of
their respective corners posted by listmates offend the rules of logic. I
try to dismiss such faulty arguments as a manifestation of a love of the
music, which is something we all share.

However, when it comes to beads .   .  .  . 8>)

Steve Barbone - many thanks for the picture of the tasty young swing dancer,
a vast improvement on those generously buttocked butt wigglers !

John Farrell

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