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> Subject: [Dixielandjazz] The Death of Dixieland Jazz

There is one big problem I see in all the back and forth complaining about 
the future, or lack of one, for Dixieland jazz, or ragtime, for that matter. 
What exactly do you want it to be, or expect it to be if you had your fondest 
wish? Do you want it played continuously on the radio? Do you want the CDs to 
sell like rap? Do you want the big stars to be Dixieland instrumentalists? What? 
In all reality, no music stays around at the top of the charts for long, and 
who said that was the ultimate achievement anyway? Today, even classical music, 
(the only kind my piano teacher accepted as real music), is considered a 
niche market. I think Dixieland has a solid place in the past, and that means it 
won't go away. The rest is up to who wants to promote it. Am I not 
understanding something here?


Dan (piano fingers) Spink
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