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Bob Mc Nichols harry0714 at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 28 21:58:56 PDT 2003

I came across an entry you had left on the net back in May '02 about Georg Brunis. I spent a fair amount of time sucking up low end Bourbon in the 1111 Club 50 years ago. Maybe you can answer some questions that linger in a foggy memory. Georg was sided by a piano and a clarinet along with Hey, Hey and Del. For a time I believe one of them was Roy Wasson (spelling ?). If he was on clarinet then who did the piano or vice versa? I once asked Franz Jackson and he came up with a name but I didn't recognize it or simply forgot it. Other questions that I'd like to have the fog lift on. Where was Mickey and Maxie's Miracle Bar? Franz thought it was out south. I seemed to recall it as being on the north side but I can't really recall any specifics. Also, what might you know about Danny Alvin who played at the Argyle Lounge on Argyle St (if anything).
Do you know where George is buried?
I don't know where you live, maybe Chicago, so this won't be news, but the last time I saw the 1111 Club it was an oriental glasses store. I guess everyone needs to have a supplier for eyewear but it destroyed me to see a sacred institution being used for such a purpose.
Your description of the 1111 Club and Georg were on target. He may have been "tiring" but I never got tired of listening to Ugly Child.
I've babbled much too long. Mea culpa.
Take care,
Bob Mc Nichols 

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