[Dixielandjazz] King Oliver '23 CD

Jazzjerry at aol.com Jazzjerry at aol.com
Wed Apr 30 02:37:06 PDT 2003

Hi all,

As there have been some enquiries and some very nice comments about my 
service (Thanks Sheik and Glen) I though I had better post generally the 
meassage I have just sent out to one enquirer and hope it does not bore the 
rest of you :-)

"Thanks for the message. If you visit my website at www.jazznblues.co.uk you 
can download  some of my newsletters which have been sent out over the past 
few months. There is not a complete list available covering everything 
because it simply would be too big given that I sell all forms of jazz and 
most types of blues albums. Also being a 'small operator' the cost of 
maintaining a website like that of Amazon would be a little to high!

Ordering can be done by phone, fax, email or letter and payment can be by 
Visa or Mastercard.

As you are in the States the 'ex-VAT' prices are the ones which apply and 
post and packing is charged at cost with packages sent by 'small packet air 
mail' which I think is the equivalent to your 'global priority' in that it 
seems to take between 3 to 7 days to cross the Atlantic.

If you have any queries please get in touch."

Unfortunately you will not find details of the King Oliver double CD in the 
Newsletters on the website as it has been around for about five years or so 
and probably has been my best selling albums since it was first released in 
that it sells consistently. As Glen says it contains all of the 1923 Creole 
JB recordings plus a few others and is priced at £(GBP)11.02 plus £(GBP)1.50 
post and packing to the States, Canada, Oz etc. and £12.95 plus postage to 
those who have to pay British VAT.



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