[Dixielandjazz] Report from LaCrosse

Nancy Giffin nancyink at ulink.net
Mon Apr 28 12:35:04 PDT 2003

Who are you, and what have you done with Jim Beebe!???!

So La Crosse offers a curmudgeon cure? :)

No need to ask forgiveness for your "little trip down memory lane"; I loved
reading it. I didn't know Bob Hirsch was from those parts. I saw him two
weeks ago, tearing it up on the piano in a set with Chuck Hedges. I guess he
and Chuck go way back and have a history together???
I also enjoyed hearing about your days at Flaming Sally's. (Ditto for Bill
Sargent.) Those are the kind of posts I was hoping to read when Ringwald got
me to join this list. I wish all of the DJML lurkers would share similar
stories... please. :)
Love and hugs,
P.S. Sorry to hear about your old girlfriend, Shirley. 

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