[Dixielandjazz] Easter Monday

fred spencer drjz at bealenet.com
Fri Apr 25 12:51:36 PDT 2003

Dear  Bill,
Many happy returns! This should mystify a few DJMLers. Is the club 
union, league, rules, or soccer? I played fullback for the English 
Universities so hope it is the first! All the best.

Bill Haesler wrote:

>dear friends,
>Today, to celebrate my birthday, I with my wife Jess, dear friends John McCarthy
>(Australia's top jazz clarinet man), Ken Tratt (ex-banjo player) and his wife
>Rita, went to the local football club for lunch to hear our  mates Bob Barnard
>(the world's best jazz cornet player); Chris Taperell (Australia's best and one
>of the world's best jazz pianists), Len Barnard (Australia's best drummer) and
>Darcy Wright (ace bass player).
>It was all free, with discounted drinks and food for us members.
>There was a small, but enthused, audience.
>Wonderful. Unbelievable. Only in Australia! 
>Kind regards,
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