[Dixielandjazz] Re: info from DJML?

Bill Gunter jazzboard at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 24 04:50:56 PDT 2003

Bill Horton writes (about Ringwald):

>Bob has been a friend for many years.  However, he has one fault:  as far 
>I can see, he has absolutely no sense of humor.

While Ringwald seems to be a very straight and serious keeper of the DJML 
and has little tolerance for foolishness. He does have a well honed sense of 
humor. He laughs easily and even maintains a list of people to whom he sends 
the occasional joke. He calls it his "Har de har har" list and the jokes are 
great. If you want to get on his joke list send him an e-mail and beg a lot.

He is a long time member of my band "The Boondockers" (see 
http://www.theboondockers.com for more information) and everyone in that 
group is dedicated to making the audience laugh. We try to play some good 
music but that's not our primary aim. It grew out of the days we all worked 
in local pizza parlors and we started wearing funny hats and acting silly. 
Since people actually did laugh, we never stopped the silly business

Trust me, Bob is a funny guy.


Bill "ha ha ha" Gunter
jazzboard at hotmail.com

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