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OK, OK, I lied...just to add a bit more. When he sings "knock that peanut whistle right off YOUR stand," the allusion is to the woman running the peanut stand. These stands had little steam-driven whistles which attracted attention. So, the allusion is that she, as an advocate of evolution, is selling peanuts (metaphor for the teaching of evolution) and he is going to put a stop to it. That's about it in a peanut shell.

Burt (any songs about Creationism?) Wilson

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> In further thinking this over, the bit about "knock that peanut whistle
right off your stand" is female oriented in the song "Evolution Mama". Thus,
instead of a metaphor for emasculation, it is a metaphor for a smack in the
face (ugh!) I think that's the last I will write on this subject.

Burt (I LOVE women!) Wilson

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