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Happy Birthday to Bill Haesler.  Not only in Australia, though, Bill!
Happy Birthdays happen all over the place.  Mine will be celebrated
tomorrow & Wednesday, first with the band (*) on Tues nite, and on
Wednesday, with my wife (the 23rd. being My Day!).  All our kids are
scattered all over the world, so it's just the two of us, now.  Will
enjoy a nice meal out, though, with a decent Cuban cigar & Drambuie for
desert!    :>

(*)  a Canal Street Jazz Band tradition:  whoever has the birthday
brings a cake to the club that is being played at closest to the
Birthday date.  After the gig, we get the club to donate (cheeky of us!)
a bottle of bubbly to go with the cake.  We are always astounded over
the years that have gone by, considering we've been together for 35


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