[Dixielandjazz] encore soft ware

David W. Littlefield dwlit at cpcug.org
Sun Apr 20 20:04:15 PDT 2003

I'll save John Farrell the trouble of replying since he's moving. He got an
XP machine and had a fit when he found he couldn't use 4.21 on it...

Encore ver. 4.5 works with XP. The company that handles it is 
G-Vox, and you can buy a download version on 
http://www.gvox.com, and you might be able to get an upgrade price--they
upgraded my 4.21. There's virtually no difference between the 4.21 (which
is 32-bit) and 4.5, just the XP stuff. Your 4.1 is 16-bit. 

WARNING: 4.5 will probably open your 4.1 files, but it will convert them
and the converted files WILL NOT be opened by 4.1. So if you have a
sheet-trading circle, make copies the 4.1 versions...  


At 03:16 PM 4/20/2003 -0600, you wrote:
>I have Encore 4.1 on my old computer. I purchased a new  computer, windows 
>XP and the soft ware I have for encore is windows 95, XP will not accept it. 
>My search for information has been to no avail.  I can not find Encore 
>listed anywhere, any suggestions?  
>Bob Craven
>bcraven24 at attbi.com

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