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<< I recently posted a question on DJML regarding the use of bar codes on CDs.

I don't remember if I saw a reply from you.

Since you handle CDs in the UK, do you use bar codes?


Hi Bob,

Most of the CDs which come through my hands both from major and small labels 
do have bar codes on the cases but I certainly don't use them as I have no 
machinery to read them. My stock control consists of counting how many copies 
there are on the shelf!. I am actually a retailer rather than a distributor 
so don't sell to other stores.

Interestingly enough none of my suppliers and that includes the majors like 
EMI, BMG (that's RCA etc.) Sony Columbia as well as the specialists expect me 
to use bar codes in ordering from them and usually the code numbers do not 
appear on the the delivery notes or invoices. Everyone seems to use catalogue 
numbers which are considerably shorter and a damn sight easier to remember. 
It is much easier to ask a supplier for "Properbox59' when requiring the 
latest 4CD set by Milton Brown and His Musical Brownies* rather than 
805520020596 which is the bar code! 

I presume the big boys like Virgin and HMV can use them but mostly they seem 
to be of use to the supermarkets which sell the latest pop albums along with 
the butter, washing powder and toilet rolls.

I would certainly be interested in having a few of your CDs to sell on this 
side of the pond if we can think out a way of getting them to me and more 
importantly me paying for them.



* A 'just out' new release from the 'Daddy of Western Swing' with 106 tracks 
and a 32 page book covering the years between 1934 and 1937, Great Stuff!!

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