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Sorry, I' m late on this but I was recently prompted to re-visit the home
page site for Tom Lord's discography.

This is a massive work that has been available in print for a few years as
the alphabetical coverage progressed, It is now available on cd rom with
considerably enhanced research possibilities.

Looking at a sample page on the site shows that Turk's name shows in 129
sessions between 1936 and 1987.

Anybody with the slightest interest in discographical information should
check out  www.lordisco.com to become aware of the scope of the work. A
revised and updated version is due this Summer.

I have no connections or financial arrangements with Tom. I have used the
books in the library for some time and would love to have the cd rom.The
cost may mitigate against this though.
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    I was thrashing around the web looking for a complete discography of all
Turk Murphy's recordings, but found at best only various CD-lists and such.
Is there no such list, even at the San Francisco Traditional Jazz
Foundation?  How about a Lu Watters discography?  I want one with every
recording in all media, from the 1930's to today, USA and elsewhere. Am i
going to have to compile these myself?  I may have to go through the _Turk
Murphy: Just for the Record_ book by Jim Goggin and write down all the
recordings he mentions, for a start.  Gad.

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