[Dixielandjazz] "Im Comin' Virginia" chords, etc.

Dick Sleeman d.sleeman at hccnet.nl
Fri Apr 18 13:33:57 PDT 2003

Hi Listmates, Dave wrote:

Hey, gang. I'm looking for the chords (V & C), original key, composer, and
date of "I'm Coming Virginia". Any takers? Thanks a lot.

and Chris answered:

I'm Comin' Virginia was written by Donald Heywood and Will Marion Cook.

then Burt"s reaction:

I believe the original key for this is Eb. At least that's what Condon and
Teagarden used. Everybody has their own idea on chords on this one because
there are so many "passing" chords that go to make this one of the most
beautiful of jazz tunes. The Condon version from the 50's is the best I've
ever heard and the most beautiful. 

Well, I'd like to sit in and give my "Eurocent" for what it's worth:

Indeed ICV was written by Heywood (music) and Cook (words) and copyrighted in 1927 by Robbins Music Corpororation, New York, N.Y. The original key was F.

My favorite recording is the rendering of Jimmy McPartland et al. on the double LP "SHADES OF BIX" (1953). Of course this was a remake of Bix's recording with Frankie Trumbauer's orchestra (1927). I think the new arrangement was Dick Cary's because he was one of the musicians and I seem to recognise his particular style of instrumentation. Noteworthy is that both versions start off in Bb and then Bix changes key to F, whereas McPartland changes to Eb. 

I agree with Burt that every band that plays this song has its own (mis)interpretation of the unique chord progression!

Greetings from Holland (the tulips are already blooming in my garden),

Dick Sleeman 

d.sleeman at hccnet.nl

BTW Dave, would you like me to send you a scan of the lead sheet?

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