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Hi Steve,
How are the cd sales on the bandstand going? What does a cd cost to
produce in your country?

Richard Stevens

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On Barbone Street's just released CD we inserted a bar code. The company
that packaged the CDs imprinted the bar code, in a white space we left
on the bottom right side of the tray back cover. The total cost to have
this done, over and above all other packaging costs was $25.00. We
produced 1000 CDs.

All you need do when supplying the graphics is leave a white space for
the bar code and they will put one in if you take the deal. Most
packagers probably have a graphics template that includes the space.

For $25, it would be a shame not to include it. We are selling Barbone
Street CDs in two local retail outlets in West Chester, PA, our
performance "home" where we are fairly well known. So far, we have more
than made the $25 back in profits from those outlets.

Funny thing is, I did not approach them, they approached me. One is a
local book store (Chester County Books & Music) that also sells music
CDs. When I bought a book there a week ago, they saw my name and asked
if I was related to the Barbone Street Jazz Band. I said yes, and they
guy said, shame I didn't have a CD as they could sell it, given our
popularity there. I said how many do you want? etc.., etc. I'll be doing
a CD signing there in a couple of weeks and have already sold 11 through
them, with zero promotion.

The other one is the West Chester University Bookstore which heard we
had a CD coming during our recent Jazz Festival performance at the
University. They also took some and have sold six or seven.

I never even thought about selling through retail stores, just put the
bar code on because for $25, why not? That bar code made it very easy
and now, when I get the chance, I will put some in other stores, like
Borders, and Barnes and Noble in the local marketplace. And also at the
local  music instrument store.

They are all quite happy to support local musicians.

Steve Barbone

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