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   >  Generating bar code is not the issue. That can be done with Word Perfect
   >  and. as Mr. Wilson says, any number of other programs.
   >  The Bar code put on a record, CD or box of Grape Nuts is REGISTERED.
   >  I've forgotten the process, but a Google search will doubtless disclose
   >  the registering agency and terms.
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   >  Will Connelly
All of these comments about registering bar codes and their purpose/uses are quite right. In my original post I mentioned that our CD duplicator offered us a bar code for $50. This is, indeed, a registered bar code. Normally, he explained to me, they are $800 but, as he deals with numerous artists seeking to make CDs, he brokered a deal for everyone. As I mentioned, if the cost to us had been more than $50, I wouldn't have gone for it. As it is, it's paid off for us by allowing us to sell them in some local stores.

Good luck.


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