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Dan Augustine ds.augustine at mail.utexas.edu
Thu Apr 17 10:21:34 PDT 2003

    Anybody besides me a member of IAJRC (International Association of Jazz Record Collectors)?
    I still find it almost impossible to believe that there are no discographies for Turk Murphy (other than in Jim Goggin's book, _Turk Murphy: Just for the Record_ from 1982, before he died in 1987 and before the advent of CD's).
    I guess i'll go through that book and write down the recordings as a starting point, then try to get the rest at other places.
    But what i'm curious about is the possibility of any books or articles or whatever on how to compile a discography--are there any?  Or just any hints y'all out there would share with me?  I'll probably write the discography using FileMaker Pro on my Mac, and it can be ported to Access or Excel or text, etc.
    So, any words of wisdom?  I'll probably do Lu Watters, too, come to think of it.  Thanks.

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