[Dixielandjazz] No writings

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Wed Apr 16 18:42:24 PDT 2003

Re test.  Thanks for your reply Bud.  The only item I have received from
DJML for several days!

I was down in New Orleans for the French Quarter Festival leading the "Kid
Bastien Remembered Band"
No time for the luxury of mailings to DJML.  Time spent first of all
preparation for the trip, then the trip, then clearing up after the trip!
We had a ball in spite of an abnormal temmperature of only 5 Celsius on the
first day, Wednesday!  it soon warmed up to the usual balmy temperatures

> we're still here, but there's been outgoing DJML from you either.  What's
>  Do the current topics bore you?
> Bud Taylor
> Smugtown Stompers
> Rochester, NY
> Traditional Jazz since 1958

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