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Hans Koert koerthchkz at zeelandnet.nl
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Jazzman Joe  seeked for a Turk Murphy discography and wondered:

By now your probably at the sellers table moving some of your merchandise in that town fo miles from Breda. Hope you sold a bunch......maybe you and Guus will hook up someday.......I forwarded your note to me to him......as you say Keep Swingin

Jazzman Joe 

Well, I just returned (a two hours trip by car) from the Doctor Jazz Reunion in Wageningen. It's about 200 km from here. I met Guus and we talked to each other. A nice guy. I talked to some real Frisco style fans and they have been working on several on discographies according to that style (Lu Watters - etc) and also Turk Murphy, but now they don't work hard on it. One of the guys had a Turk Murphy discography and I was able to get the details:
"Turk Murphy - Just For The Record" by Jim Goggin (1982) Published by the San Francisco Traditional Jazz Foundation (they seem to have a website - so ask "Google"). ISBN: 0-916870-57 and ....58 (hard bound and soft cover)

I talked to a lot of collectors and I obtained some Oscar Alemán 78rpm records I'm very happy with, because they are very rare here in Europe: an Argentinean Odeon 55399, A Turkish Odeon 275404 (What is an Argentinean guitar player doing on a Turkish record, besides guitar playing? :-) ) ,  a Parlophone D.P. 340, D.P. 325 and a French Columbia DF 2574.
and of cours I sold my Oscar Alemán Tune-O-Graphy - Listado de temas (a discography - una discografia) well as my other discographies. I also obtained some Alemán images from a friend who visited Oscar Alemán in Dec. 1979 in Buenos Aires. I will publish some of them on my website soon. www.people.zeelandnet.nl/koerthchkz and http://members.lycos.nl/keepswinging 

Keep swinging

Hans Koert

Enjoy my Flexible Record sites..


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