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>Looking for Jeannie's email &/or tel number.  Wouldn't mind having the
>correct spelling of her name also.
Bob and others--
     If you mean 'Jean Kittrell', here's the info from her website at 
http://www.jazzseaside.com/stlouis.htm  They put on a great show at 
the Eureka Redwood Jazz festival.

"Jean Kittrell & the St. Louis Rivermen

Jean Kittrell is an untypical and versatile Southern belle from 
Birmingham, AL.  She is Professor Emerita of Literature and former 
Chair of the English Department at Southern Illinois University at 
Edwardsville - and she heads four jazz groups, including the 
seven-piece St. Louis Rivermen!  Together since 1982, they have 
played numerous concerts throughout America.  Many of this group have 
been with Jean for decades, playing with the Old St. Louis Levee Band 
aboard the Lt. Robert E. Lee by the Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

The band:  Jean Kittrell (piano and vocals), David "Red" Lehr 
(sousaphone), Bobby Grimm (tenor banjo), Don Schroeder (drums and 
valve trombone), Steve Lilley (cornet and valve trombone), Noel 
Kaletsky (clarinet, sax), Brett Stamps (trombone).

  Need more info?
     phone:  1-800-394-3303
     e-mail: info at jazzseaside.com"

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