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>Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 12:00:32 EST
>Subject: [Dixielandjazz] Maryland My Maryland
>Last night Bill Carter, cl, sat in with Clint Baker's All-Stars at the Cafe
>Borrone in Menlo Park (CA, USA) and the whole evening was just wonderful.  I
>was told that there was a 45 extended-play recording of Maryland My Maryland
>with Turk Murphy, Bill Carter, and Billy Butterfield that was to die for.
>I've googled 'till I'm blue in the face, to no avail. 
>Do any of you know where I might find a copy of this treasure?
>BTW, if you're anywhere in the vicinity you should come by the Cafe Borrone
>on a Friday night and treat yourself to a great evening of jazz.  The
>regulars are Clint on gtr, usually, Monte Reyes, gtr & bjo, Jim Klippert,
>tbn, Leon Oakley, tpt, Robert Young, reeds, and Bill Reinhart, sb.  And you
>never know who may be sitting in.
>Check out their webpage at www.swingordie.net/allstars/
>TIA for any help.
>Rae Ann
Rae Ann and others--
     According to Jim Goggin in _Turk Murphy: Just for the Record_, 
"Maryland, My Maryland" was paired with "Mack the Knife" on a 45 
recorded in New York City on September 22, 1955 (p. 61).  The book 
also lists the song as being included on the records 40586, 4-40586, 
CL1020, and PH(E)BBL7184 (no titles are given, but the first two 
labels are Columbia, maybe the third also, and the fourth is Philips 
     If you go to www.gemm.com and type in Turk Murphy to search on, 
you'll get a list of his recordings, one of which is in fact this 45, 
for $8.50 (!).  It may be on other albums (LP's, CD's), but i haven't 
found out which one(s) yet.

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