[Dixielandjazz] Re: Terry Pitts

glen page gpage at direct.ca
Sat Apr 5 00:11:28 PST 2003

Hello Bill,

Thank you for the follow up re. Terry.

I found the bit about the name HBIT interesting.On either the3rd or 4th
visit to Hot Jazz, when Dave Jones was on clt.we, the Hot Jazz Soc. received
communication from somebody whose name I cannot recall, threatening legal
action if we presented the band under that name.

As time was pressing and we did not wish to spend the member's dues on court
proceedings we, with approval of Hugh, changed their name to "Hotter Than

Regardless of the name change the band filled the club every night for a
week. The music was superb of course although Gerry Turnham was sadly
missed, Dave just was not the right clt. player for the band.

Cheers, Glen.

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