[Dixielandjazz] Re: Terry Pitts

Bill Haesler bhaesler at nsw.bigpond.net.au
Sat Apr 5 14:07:43 PST 2003

Dear Glen,
It is always sad when a fine jazzman leaves us. 
Terry Pitts will be missed. All too young at 67!
Terry worked in England with my long-time friend, Australian singer Judith
(Judith Durham started out in Melbourne as a jazz singer with the Melbourne Jazz
Club Band and Frank Traynor's Jazz Preachers, but is better remembered
world-wide as a member of the famous pop group, 'The Seekers'.)
We met Terry when Judith and the band toured Australia in the 70s.
'Judith Durham and The Hottest Band In Town' recorded at Pye's London studios in
May/June1974 with Terry Pitts, tb; Dennis Fields, c; Sammy Rimington, cl/ss;
Hugh Rainey, bj; Bob Taylor, sb/tu; & Phil Franklin, d/wb. 
Pnist was Judith's husband, Ron Edgeworth, with Judith on pno for "The
The LP album was reissued recently in Australia on Musicoast CD (through WEA
Judith and Ron had previously engaged a San Francisco jazz group (which included
Jim Gordon, t; Jerry Butzen, tb; Phil Howe, cl/ss; & Ed Turner, bj) in Feb/March
1973 for an LP session (now also on Musicoast CD) using the same band title.
Which always led me to believe that the 'Durham's' owned the Hottest Band In
Town name.
Maybe your friend Hugh Rainey (who I have met here in Oz) can expand on this. 
Kind regards,

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