[Dixielandjazz] Oliver, Morton and Ellington

Anton Crouch a.crouch@unsw.edu.au
Mon, 30 Sep 2002 00:13:48 +1000

Hello all

I know of no lawsuit by King Oliver against Jelly Roll Morton and think
that it is highly improbable that there ever was one. There was, however, a
famous royalty/copyright dispute between Oliver, the Victor company and
Duke Ellington.

At issue was Oliver's "Camp meeting blues", which Ellington appropriated as
"Creole love call". Oliver had right on his side but Ellington had the law
on his - Oliver had copyrighted "Camp meeting blues" under its original
title "Temptation blues" but failed to record it under that title. A bad
mistake for Oliver and an episode that dents Ellington's saintly image.

All the best