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with Hannah Wedlock
10 October 2002 - Clevedon Jazz Club

On Thursday 10th October 2002 the =91Blue Notes=92 return to Clevedon Jazz=
Club=92s Walton Park venue to entertain Clevedon=92s jazz audience.

Roger=92s continuing treatment forces him to take a back seat but his=20
fabulous band - The Blue Note Jazz Band - will, as has become expected, be=
joined by a talented guest musician. The Blue Note=92s rich and varied=20
repertoire owes much to the late Sidney Bechet - but not to the exclusion=20
of many others jazz greats and Roger=92s influence is still very much in=20
evidence no matter what the tune. As usual the band will be joined by=20
Hannah Wedlock who wows the audience with every note she sings!

The doors open as usual at 8pm and the music starts at 8.30pm. The=20
admission price on the door for non members will be =A35 and further details=
of the evening and all Clevedon Jazz Club activities, including the=20
Traditional Christmas Party at Princes Hall on 19 December 2002 can be had=
from Trev on 01275 343210 or Bill on 01275 842151. The Club web site -=20
www.ClevedonJazzClub.co.uk - contains full details of all the Clubs events.

Good Jazzin'

Trevor Tomasin

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