[Dixielandjazz] FW: Rumors of the demise of The Wooden Nickel Jass Band

Williams, Bob robert.c.williams@eds.com
Thu, 26 Sep 2002 14:15:40 -0400

I just fashioned this tome and sent it to my band's email list.  I know
there are many friends on this list who might be interested in this
information, so have forwarded it intact to the DJML.


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> Subject:	Rumors of the demise of The Wooden Nickel Jass Band
> Y'all:
> I know there are some rumors out there about The Wooden Nickel Jass Band
> folding at the end of this year.  Maybe you've heard them.
> The fact is, the band *is,* in fact, closing its doors at the end of this
> year.  We are committed to fulfilling our existing obligations, then we
> will ride off into the sunset.
> I don't know what the future will hold.  Perhaps we will reassemble (in
> some different form if at all) in the future, perhaps not.  I suppose if
> some swanky corporation seeking to rationalize a bloated entertainment
> budget wishes to hire us to minimize its tax debt, we can be coerced into
> a momentary reassembly.
> But we do not intend to continue to play at festivals on the dixieland
> circuit.  To be honest, being out of town 1.5 weekends per month has had a
> negative effect on many of our families, and most of us have kids who have
> aged to the point where they notice that Mommy and Daddy are gone a lot.
> In addition, Mommy has to mow the lawn when Daddy is gone for the weekend,
> and that makes Mommy unhappy, and when Momma ain't happy, ain't *nobody*
> happy.
> Most of us are playing avocationally.  And while it's great fun, the
> liabilities (as above) are beginning to outweight the benefits.  Those of
> us who are full-time musicians are finding that it does not make financial
> sense to give up Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night gigs in favor of The
> Band.
> Also, many in the band wish to explore other musical avenues.  The truth
> is, the band has always been a musical democracy, and has never really
> been any individual musician's ideal. 
> And stuff like that.
> The Wooden Nickel Jass Band is completing its 10th year of operations.
> We've had a really wonderful time, and met some incredible, fun, and
> interesting people.  We've accumulated many great stories, some of which
> involve some of y'all.  I think it's safe to say that we will all miss
> many aspects of the festival circuit, and especially of performing.  I
> think we put together a wonderful band, the likes of which I may never see
> again.  I am incredibly proud of what we've accomplished, and of the music
> we've made.  I like to think we changed what people expect of a jazz band,
> and perhaps brought some younger people into the fold.  I know we
> definitely brought some *hipper* people into the fold.
> You'll see all of us around as individuals.  Bonnie's playing with a great
> vocal group called Sister Swing, Paul is doing some work with Fulton
> Street, I'm starting to get some calls to sub in different bands, Otis
> will be as visible as he wants to be, Dave stays as busy as any of us,
> Brady will be doing some new and interesting stuff, Erik will be lecturing
> regularly on his Total Remorse Diet (at Dawn on Sundays), and Brian is too
> good a drummer to not be getting plenty of calls.
> I am immensely proud to have been associated with each of these musicians,
> and while I'm confident I'll be playing with all of them in one capacity
> or another, I will miss the music we've made and the times we've had with
> The Increasingly Internationally Moderately Famous Wooden Nickel Jass
> Band.
> I will post a separate message about our remaining performances, which are
> listed at http://www.wnjb.com/public_schedule.html.  Of particular note is
> a concert at Story Winery in Plymouth (http://www.zin.com, which will be
> our last scheduled "local" performance.  We'll also be at Big Bear Lakes
> this weekend, Sun Valley, Pismo, and Three Rivers/Fresno in November.
> It's possible this email will engender some discussion.  If you'd like to
> talk about it, send email to mailto:wnjblist@wnjb.com and it will reach
> the entire list.  If you reply to this message, I believe it will come
> directly to me. (I think "reply all" will get to everybody, but I'm not
> sure).  If there's too much mail, I might not be able to respond.
> In the meantime, I can't thank you enough for the support and kindnesses
> you've shown us over the years.  I, for one, have had the time of my life.
> I'm incredibly fond of all you people (well, most of you, anyway.  You
> others know who you are).  I'm all misty and stuff.
> Thanks so much for everything.
> Bob Williams 
> The World's Most Modest Man and 
> The Nominal Leader of The Wooden Nickel Jass Band 
> <http://wnjb.com>