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Mea apologia- I play drums, or used  to. The good doctor shows a drummer's callus between the left middle and ring fingers but, as the book was written in 1948, this was before the matched grip became popular with some drummers. Cheers.

Dan Augustine wrote:

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> >Dan,
> >The text of the tuba callus was what I quoted. I realise now that the instrument being played in the picture is a sousaphone, not a tuba. I assume this makes a difference. Cheers.
> >Fred
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> Fred and others--
>     Uh, no.  The sousaphone has the same kind of three-valve (rarely four-valve) arrangement as the tuba, with the little finger generally daintly scraping air. I fear somebody was having fun with whoever wrote this book.
>     The only callus that all tuba- and sousaphone-players might have, now that i think on it, is on the inside of the right thumb, about halfway up, where the thumb presses against the inside of the thumb-ring.  I do have such a callus there, but nowhere else on my hand.
>     Dan
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